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The Last Wish

I first learned about The Last Wish by watching the Netflix television adaptation. At the time, I knew that The Witcher was a popular video game, although I’d never played it. When reading about the television show, I learned the games and television show were based on a popular series of fantasy novels by Polish …


Into a Rhythm

So how do I get back into a rhythm with my reading and writing? I know the answers because I’ve been here many times. All that’s left is to remember the path. Step one: don’t fret about the reasons you lost your rhythm. Chances are that life happened. Having a life is a wonderful side-effect of being …


The Point of Vanishing

The Point of Vanishing: A Memoir of Two Years in Solitude by Howard Axelrod is a memoir and a modern echo of Thoreau’s Walden. Because it took place in the nineties, a time I’m familiar with, I found it more accessible than its famous predecessor. It was interesting to see how an extended period of solitude …


On Quality

The real University, he said, has no specific location. It owns no property, pays no salaries and receives no material dues. The real University is a state of mind. It is that great heritage of rational thought that has been brought down to us through the centuries and which does not exist at any specific location. … …


On Authorial Voice

Good morning, blog buddies. It’s a Cozy Coffeehouse kind of morning. I’ve just finished reading Stephen King’s Billy Summers and it was a good read. I didn’t love it as much as I did The Outsider, and it got a bit “explainy” in the third act (crime novels are tough planes to land), …


What's a Literary Monster?

Hello and welcome to the Literary Monster. I set this blog up as a repository for what I’m learning about reading, writing, and storytelling. It’s my bookish place on the web! I made this blog for myself, for fun. I hope you enjoy your visit.